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We believe Veteran health care is as unique as the population itself and deserves a special approach. 

As part of our Veteran-centered practice, we have assembled a team of providers that have a wide range of experience in treating Veterans. We work to match each Veteran with a clinician based on their skills and the type of exam administered, so they can provide the most individualized experience possible. 

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To meet the Veteran’s needs, each of our providers receives specific orientation on military culture and receives comprehensive training and certification related to Disability Medical Assessments. 

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Our community-based offices are designed with Veterans in mind to ensure you are comfortable while receiving care. 

Currently, Trusted Medical offers disability benefits assessments and education specifically for Veterans.

We work diligently to ensure and maintain compliance with Veterans Health Administration (VHA) standards and regulations. All assessments and exams for Office of Disability and Medical Assessment (DMA) claims are conducted in an accurate, timely manner and are accepted by the VHA for compensation and pension claims.

By choosing Trusted Medical, you receive a quality health care experience while being treated with the utmost dignity and respect by our staff.